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How does HonestRoot work?

It’s pretty simple to be honest… We believe that healthy eating (and drinking for that matter) should be very easy & convenient; so we’ve tried to do all the hard work for you. Using only organic ingredients from all over the world, we have created 12 different nourishing and mouth watering smoothies which can be delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

How much work is involved in making a HonestRoot smoothie?

For us: Enough to keep us very busy
For you: Not much! All you need to do is grab a HonestRoot smoothie from your freezer, add your liquid of choice and put it all in a blender, blend until your desired texture. Pour and enjoy!

How are your smoothie recipes created?

Our smoothie chefs have paid very close attention to the nutrition of each smoothie; equally the flavour combinations have been tried and tested hundreds of times to make sure each smoothie tastes incredible but is nutritionally rich!

What do I need to make a HonestRoot smoothie?

Just a blender… All blenders are welcome. We provide you with smoothie, a cup and even a straw!

Why HonestRoot?

Every smoothie contains at least one superfood, all ingredients are 100% organic and have been sourced from all over the world to provide the highest quality. We have chopped, sliced and juiced all ingredients to ensure minimal effort from you! Honestly, the only thing missing on our smoothies are their capes.


What’s inside our cups?

Our recipes are made up of whole, organic, unrefined ingredients to help meet your target – be it, having your protein fix after a workout, detoxifying your body or just having something delicious to keep you fuller for longer. Whole fruit and vegetables are in every one of our smoothies contributing to your recommended 5 per day serving. Also, seeds and nuts are added to our smoothies giving your body natural minerals and fats. Have we mentioned that every cups also contains at least one superfood?

What else do I need to add into the blender?

All you really need to add into your blender is H2O (that’s water by the way!). We always recommend a liquid mixer which we think will excite your taste buds even more! But you can personalise your own smoothie with a number of liquid mixers of your choice (coconut water, nut milks, orange juice, maple water to name just a few).

What are they like?

We are continuously on the hunt for the tastiest ingredients so you better believe our recipes are no only nutritious but taste delicious! Each recipe has also been tried and tested hundreds of times to ensure maximum smiles!

Are they good for me?

OH, for sure! Our smoothies have been developed with a particular target in mind, thus each ingredient is not only added for its taste but its nutritional profile and characteristics. Our organic recipes will nourish your body with its natural minerals and vitamins content.

Why does HonestRoot offer smoothies instead of juices?

Brilliant question. Firstly, you end up losing some nutritional benefits of ingredients by pressing them to extract juice – mainly fibre too! Secondly, some of our tasty ingredients cannot be juiced. Thirdly, juice has a shorter shelf life; by freezing organic ingredients we are not only extended its life but also locking in nutrients so you are able to enjoy them whenever you need to feed your cravings

Are your ingredients organic?

Yes 100%! It has been quite a journey for us to ensure that we are completely organic. We have always strived to be and have worked endlessly to ensure we are; thus we love banging on that drum! 🙂

When should I enjoy my smoothie?

Honestly whenever! Enjoy them as a nutritious afternoon snack or as a nourishing breakfast to fuel your body the day ahead, lunch or as a innocent dessert.

Where to find the nutritional info?

Reading the nutritional information of food is always great idea and highly valuable! Each smoothie’s information can be found on our website under ‘Learn More’ which choosing you smoothies or on the base of every cup – bottoms up!

Are they vegan?

Yes, but you are free to make your own mind up when choosing your liquid base. Power to the people!

Are you dairy, soy and gluten free?

Our recipes are dairy and soy free but some of our smoothies do contain gluten (oats).

Why frozen instead of fresh?

The reason behind frozen is genius (even if we say so ourselves). Freezing things actually preserve them for longer, locking in key nutrients so you not only enjoy the taste but also reap the benefits nutrients inside. As a added bonus it also improves the texture of every smoothie making to want to keep sipping away without added any ice.

Should I defrost them first?

Nope! Definitely not, just simply pour the content into a blender straight from the freezer and add your liquid mixer.

I have an allergy, can I alter?

Allergies suck for all of us but unfortunately we cannot alter our recipes at the moment. One the plus side, you can always add extras to them if you want to go a step further.

What is the shelf life of the smoothies?

When stored in the freezer at -18 degrees or less, our cups will last for a minimum of 6 months. Kind of cool thinking that you can have a fresh and nourishing smoothie 6 months after you’ve purchased it right?

Can I drink HonestRoot smoothies when pregnant?

First off… Congratulations! We are all about nourishing the bump as well as you but we recommend that you consult your medical professional to help you make that choice.